Green Technologies We Enable

Empowering Vehicle Electrification

Rare earth permanent magnets (REPMs) made from Neo Magnequench’s highly engineered magnetic products are powering an increasing number of traction and micro-motors in conventional and electrified cars and trucks. REPM motors help to reduce weight and increase vehicle range in EVs, PHEVs, and hybrid electric vehicles. They also reduce weight, improve fuel economy, and reduce air emissions in internal combustion engine vehicles.

Empowering Vehicle Electrification

Reducing Pollution from Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles

Neo’s rare-earth-based environmental catalyst materials help capture harmful air emissions from internal combustion engines, which helps the world meet ever-stricter emissions standards for all types of combustion engines and hybrids.

Protection of Freshwater Resources

Neo’s rare-earth-based water purification products help municipal and industrial water treatment plants efficiently remove phosphorus, which helps fight against dangerous algae blooms in freshwater resources. Neo’s products also help water treatment facilities achieve greater water clarity, improve efficiencies, and produce fewer produced solids that must be transported to landfills.

Reducing Air Emissions from Commercial Aviation

Neo supplies roughly 20% of the Tantalum metal use in superalloys for aerospace turbine engines, which enable high-performance vanes and blades in the turbine engine operate at higher temperatures and with more ecient combustion, resulting in higher fuel eciency and reduced carbon emissions per passenger mile.

Empowering Advanced Healthcare Technologies

Neo is one of the world’s leading producers of Niobium oxide and high-purity Niobium metal, which are used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) devices that promote better healthcare outcomes for citizens around the world

Converting Industrial Waste Streams Into Useful Products

Neo processes post-industrial waste streams and end-of-life products in order to produce several vital rare metals products such as gallium, indium, rhenium, and hafnium. These metals have important uses in technologies that increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.

Unlocking High Energy Savings in Industrial & Residential Pumps

Neo’s rare earth permanent magnetic powders and magnets are increasingly used in electric motors and pumps to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption in home appliances, factory automation systems, circulation pumps, and other applications. For example, permanent magnet motors powered by Neo’s rare earth magnetic materials help water circulation pumps across the EU operate more efficiently, reducing energy consumption and helping central power stations avoid greenhouse gas and other harmful air emissions.