Our interaction with the natural environment

Sustainability in Operations

Environmental, Social, and Governance Values: Part of Our DNA

At Neo, we envision a world that has substantially decarbonized major industrial and mobility sectors. Our decades of applied research and development, has helped unlock many new innovative and climate friendly technologies. These ultimately help improve energy efficiency, reduce fossil fuels intensity, encourage circular economic models, and help protect air and water quality. Leveraging this portfolio to continue to drive new technologies forward over the coming decades, and to accelerate the adoption of climate-friendly products, is an imperative that we feel strongly.

Neo’s Environment & Sustainability Mission:

For many years, Neo has led our industry in environmentally responsible operations and in manufacturing products that enable sustainable technologies.

For example:

• We are a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact.

• We are active members of the Responsible Minerals Initiative.

• We recently helped to establish a new US-to-EU rare earth supply chain that makes use of byproduct economics and reduced upstream waste.

• We are relocating a major operating facility in China to reduce the concentration of heavy industry in a high-stress water region,

and reduce potential risk to groundwater sources.

• We participate in and share data and industry insights for public policymaking within the European Raw Materials Alliance, Wind Europe, Tantalum and Niobium International Study Center, and the Rare Earth Industry Association.

• We invest in air, water, and waste emissions control technologies at manufacturing sites that help us meet and often exceed local regulatory guidelines.